Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you’re doing the right thing.
— John D. Rockefeller

Earned Media

moore : good listens and develops the narrative about who our client is, what our client offers, and what sets our client apart. We pride ourselves on building and maintaining strong relationships with the media and a community of influential taste makers. Our longstanding contacts, both local and national, have allowed us to secure valuable, strategic coverage for our clients. 

Design & Website

As the internet becomes ever more visual, so does our work. Our goal in design is to enhance existing client communications strategies by interpreting these ideas across platforms and different types of media. This can include, but is not limited to, website optimization and design, printed and/or digital invitations, banner ads, email marketing banners, social media graphics, infographics, package design, promotional product design, signage, and introductory reels for gala honorees.

Red Carpet & Special Event Relations

Our team excels at promoting galas, awards, fundraisers, and celebrations to the media creating that buzz of excitement that sparks public awareness. Our red carpet concierge team manages check-in, red carpet media, warm and courteous VIP assistance, real time social media updates, post-event communications and photo servicing. Throughout the event, our team works with photographers and videographers to ensure that we help you capture all the most memorable moments. We provide an effortless and professional launch for any special event.


The digital revolution has transformed the traditional means of communications into a mobile-first mindset, among many other shifts. With exciting new channels to reach your audience, our team researches the best way to form micro-targeted messaging for your target demographic. We ensure that your content forms one unified, authentic message.

Events Sponsorship

Event sponsorship is a great opportunity to introduce a brand to a new audience. The event should fit the promotional needs of the brand, feel authentic to brand character, and the return on investment in the opportunity must be valuable. Our team researches events and sponsor opportunities and recommends only those that are an organic fit.

Social Media

Social Media offers selective, strategic, and immediate access to targeted audiences. Our team offers a unique combination of skills and experience across marketing in creative and technical disciplines, all grounded in a deep understanding of social interactions in the digital space. We create stories, not just status updates. Our team works to create content that feels organic, and provokes positive conversation in your online community.

Product Placement

Placement in episodic television, movies, and online series provides enduring exposure in a non-intrusive, comprehensive way. Unlike commercials, product placement “lives on” in syndication, or repeat viewing of a favorite movie, and is less likely to be “fast forwarded”. Our valued partner is the best in the product placement business. Our team reviews opportunities for placement with brand appropriate shows, and researches additional ways to maximize exposure and value.

Photo & Video Assets

Photos and videos are a great way to show audiences and potential sponsors the successes and experiences of your brand. We work with seasoned photographers and videographers to create photo and video opportunities at various event celebrations that we use in both earned media and owned media. Our team works with you to create the ideal video assets for a range of uses, from awards presentation introductory reels to creative visual messaging for advertising use.


  • Influencer affiliations

  • Curated speaking engagements for principals and brand ambassadors

  • Media product sampling and follow up

  • Brand ambassador travel schedules: including trade, media, affinity and consumer events

  • Brand event promotions –advance PR, guest and media onsite management

  • Event coordination

  • & Moore!