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We drove from our office in West LA to Los Feliz for lunch, and despite the hour it took to get back, it was well worth it! 

During the daytime, Kismet doesn't take reservations, only walk-ins. All members of your party must be present to sit. When you sit, your eyes feast on the sleek dining room that feels like the inside of an super hip instagram photo.

The first dish we dug into sat on the same CB2 dining plate I have at home!

 Broccoli Toast 

Broccoli Toast 

The broccoli toast is a gorgeous dish and it sure packs a punch of flavor. Ingredients include: broccoli, sesame toast, kumquat, blood orange, mint, pumpkin seeds, and labneh.

I recommend bringing your own bread knife to this party... the bread is the toughest thing to cut into with the supplied ridgeless knife, but boy is it yummy!

Every ingredient is carefully layered on top one another, and broccoli finally gets the star treatment! The crunchy textures and the citrusy bursts nearly brought me tears of joy. 

 Turkish Breakfast For Two

Turkish Breakfast For Two

While it was lunchtime, we opted for the Turkish Breakfast For Two. We devoured it. It comes served with the same delicious sesame bread as the toast, and we recommend you try everything on this plate. 

My personal favorite is the green goop that we thought was a spinach cream. Upon further investigation with the very kind waitress, we learned that there was absolutely no dairy in it! The dish is made with tahini (a sesame sauce made from ground sesame) and leek. Oh, I could eat a big bowl of that dish all by itself. 

The Turkish Breakfast For Two comes served with Olives, Persian Cucumbers, Marinated Feta with Roasted Onion and Beets, Tahini Leek, Soft Boiled Egg, Dates, Bread, Salad, and this lovely Raw Onion Chili Paste. You absolutely must try the paste. In small bites. It's spicy. 

Kismet has a different dinner menu that includes Rabbit For Two. I'm definitely coming back!


Oh, and parking. Let's not forget how difficult parking is in Los Feliz. Plan ahead!

 Daytime Menu at Kismet

Daytime Menu at Kismet

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